Journey Thru Grief
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The First

Getting Thru the "First" of Everything!

Getting thru the first year can be difficult. It seems that we are all on an emotional roller coaster of feelings. The closer the time between the initial shock of death, the more we feel the numbness. Holidays and special events have no meaning. Often I found I just wanted to be left alone, spending the day with myself.

As time went on, special days and holidays became easier. Or, I was adjusting. I'm not really sure. However, I had to learn to plan for the holiday or the event.

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Surviving the "Holidays"

Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year Day can be difficult for the newly grieving. I found that shopping early in preparation of the holiday season worked best. Some days I could shop and other days, it was a no-go. However, the closer to Christmas, the worse I felt about it. This is a normal feeling. Prepare ahead of time. You will feel even worse if the holiday was upon you and you weren't prepared. Just be gentle to yourself.